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Fear of the Unknown

Halloween is right around the corner. Costume prep and candy purchases are in full swing at my house. In keeping with the spooky shenanigans going on this month, let’s talk a little bit about what scares us. For some, it’s spiders that give them the chills.  Others may fear public speaking, or maybe your business [...]

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Time to Debunk the Tax Myth!

  We're debunking myths about accountants in our final video of this series! One of the most common assumption about accountants? We do taxes. Or more specifically, that we're tax experts. It's true that CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) are required to learn about taxes, but accountants are not required by law to maintain [...]

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On This Day One Year Ago…

POW!  Much like the huge picture above hit you in the face just now (please forgive me, I'm still learning to get the picture part right), it too struck me this morning when I opened my social media newsfeed.  Exactly one year ago today we launched this here website.  Wow.  A year ALREADY?  It made [...]

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You’re Invited to the Year End Pre-Party

Ever dream of being completely organized and prepared for that moment when your accountant calls to ask for your year end reports!? Our online webinar will help your dreams come true! Learn the information you need for keeping simple, accurate bookkeeping records for your home-based business.  Kick tax time stress to the curb and join [...]

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Who loves being silly and playing games?  We do! Over the past 2 years, we've teamed up with a lot of savvy small business owners to help them find their bookkeeping bliss and the feedback we've heard is they all love the simplicity of what we offer! Remember that post from a few weeks ago? You know, the [...]

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Celebrate With Us

Did you know the very first website was published back in 1991? Now you do. Today there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet. Wow, that's a lot! If you have been looking for the path to your business bookkeeping bliss, you've clicked to the right place. Kick your shoes off and stay [...]

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A Bookkeeping Scavenger Hunt

Remember when we said we like to have fun?  How does a scavenger hunt sound?  How about a free $50?!  Sounds like fun to us!!  Find the word "unparalleled" on our shiny NEW website and take a screenshot of it.  Then email the photo, your name, and email address to info@bfbookkeeping.com.  When you do that you'll [...]

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The Wait is Over!!

You've been waiting so patiently while we dotted the I's and crossed the T's on our project. The wait is over! It's HERE!! Our brand new website is finally ready to share. Check it out! Get to know us better and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

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Soon…So Very Soon.

Oh my gosh! It's almost time to let the cat out of the bag!! We get geeky over the details so you'll have to wait a wee bit longer while we put on the finishing touches. When it sparkles and shines, you'll be the first to know!

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