• Fireworks and letters spelling out "happy new year".

Happy New Year!

Whoa! Do you feel like 2018 flew by too? Maybe it’s the rush of the holidays that makes me feel like the new year sneaks up on me every time. And maybe its those days after Christmas when my family is home on winter break where I forget what day it is and what I [...]

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  • Blocks spell Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is fun and invokes visions of hot dogs, fruit fluff salad, frisbee, movie theater seats, and relaxing with friends and family.  No matter how we create our fun on Labor Day, I try to take a moment to remember all this fun was made possible by the labor movement and is dedicated to the [...]

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  • Photo of the back of an SUV packed full with water, Gatorade, granola bars and more!

Making It All Fit

There are a total of 87 days in my kids’ summer vacation; and I realized today that we’re closing in on the half way point. Whoa! Do you feel the need to slow summer down a bit as well? There are way too many ball games to watch, bike rides to be taken and s’mores [...]

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  • Fireworks in the sky to celebrate Independence Day.

Let Freedom Ring

This week in the USA we will celebrate Independence Day with parades, fireworks and friends. Between cookouts and catching up with family, take some time to pause and be grateful for the freedoms you enjoy. Not only for the freedoms that were fought for so long ago, but also for the freedoms your business provides. [...]

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  • Photo of campfire on the beach at sunset.

To Do: Take a Vacation

We know small business owners are hard-working individuals who are hustling to build something for themselves and their families. Working as your own boss has rewards, but there are plenty of sacrifices made on the road to success. We know how hard you work. And we think you deserve a vacation. We know we do! [...]

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  • Softball balls and bat

⚾Take Me Out to the Ball Game! ⚾

Softball & Baseball.  This is pretty much my life so far this summer.  So much so that I forgot it was my turn to post on our blog yesterday!  Oops! See? Even super cool, funny accountants are human and make mistakes, too.  Between the excitement from our video last week (if you missed it, watch [...]

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