Simpler Inventory Tracking? Yes, Please!

Who loves to keep their biz bookkeeping super simple? If you raised your hand, keep reading! We have some EXCITING news about simplifying your inventory tracking that you are going to want to hear! At BF Bookkeeping we like to keep things super simple when it comes to tracking our business finances; and [...]

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Year-End in the Forecast

It snowed on Saturday in Wisconsin. Yes, in October. And then on Sunday the sun was so bright it was blinding. Nothing out of the ordinary for us in WI, but the little neighbor kids were asking if Santa was coming soon. Say what?!? I hope not! I need time to sneak the chocolate from [...]

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Conference, Team Members and Products, Oh my!

It's the Monday after our National Conference. My brain is mush. It happens every year. Three days of INCREDIBLE training, FUN with friends and team members, excitement over NEW PRODUCTS, and pie-in-the-sky type amazing new CONSULTANT TOOLS can be a lot to digest. And that's putting it mildly. Each year I think the new product [...]

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