Who doesn’t love a good celebration?  If you know us at all, you know we love a good celebration here at BF Bookkeeping!  Bring on the confetti and balloons!  The image above may look like a simple watercolor painting to you, but to me it represents a celebration of Black History Month.  This past weekend I took my kiddos and a couple friends to a hands-on art exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art that celebrated the work of African American artists.  The art in the image above was done by my daughter in the same style as one of the highlighted artists and I love it!  To me it represents an exposure to the new, the unknown, and that which needs to be learned.

Let me back up a minute…last month we talked a lot about New Year’s resolutions.  There was one resolution of mine I didn’t mention because “resolution” feels too short-term for this goal that I’ve already been working on for a couple of years now.  My resolution this year is to continue to learn and gain an understanding about people whose experience in this world has been different than my own simply because of the color of their skin.  This article about the importance of 2019’s Black History Month explains the bigger picture behind the paradigm shift I’ve experienced the last few years.  As I seek out information about the experiences of my fellow humans, I continue to be astonished at what I find.  Jaw-dropping stories celebrating overt racism I had no idea still existed. Stories where insidious systematic racism I couldn’t see 2 years ago prevails and is now so clear to me.  My 11-year-old and I walked through an art exhibit at the event by Gillian Laub called Southern Rites; it is a perfect example of both of these.  Perhaps most importantly, I want to understand the role I play in this system.  Once I understand, I hope to enact change to make this world even the tiniest bit more just.  Once I understand, I hope to help others walk through this world with more empathy, allowing us all to be better at whatever we choose to do. I know that what I’ve learned has already taught me how to be a better human, woman, wife, mom, friend, and most notably here – a business owner.  When you own a business, business and personal are not separate; they are woven tightly together.  What we improve in our personal lives often changes our business in positive ways.

Our particular celebration did not involve confetti and balloons, but it was just as fun.  I’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate Black History Month, personally or professionally!