In last week’s post, Meghan wrote about taking the first step on that big project; and trenches. Remember the trenches? We know you took immediate action towards that first step. Or at least gave it some serious thought. If you did a bit more thinking than acting, we’ve got your back this week with a few ideas on how to take that first step.

Wrangle Your Receipts – Keeping receipts is an important aspect of your business bookkeeping because they serve as support for your business expenses. Turn your back on filing them though and you’ll swear they are multiplying on their own in that shoe box! Whether you prefer the old school method of holding on to the paper copies, or use an app to keep track of them, a few minutes each week will ensure you know where to find the receipts you need when it comes time to check your monthly bookkeeping off your to do list.

Finish Your Filing – You know keeping a clutter free office means that you’ll actually want to spend time in there. Yay for order forms and follow up information that you can find! Keep your computer files neat and tidy as well. We save a lot of stuff on our computers! I’m not the only one who could tell someone what the monthly specials for my company were in February of 2012. Right? Take a few minutes each day this week to create folders and sub-folders on your computer; then click, drag and drop to clear the clutter. You’ll save time looking for files on your computer if they are categorized in folders instead of kept in one folder where you scroll and scroll (and scroll) to find the file you are looking for.

Master Your Mileage Log – Let us save you A LOT of time next January. A photo of your car’s odometer reading before you leave and when you get back home is not a mileage log. Keep a notebook or use a mileage app. Pick the method that you will use consistently. It takes less than a minute for each business trip you take; and it will save you a ton of time at year end.

Banish Your Boxes – You are working your business; and you know the UPS, or FedEx, driver’s first name. You are earning sales and consultant incentives each month, maybe even each week. Clear more than a path in your office; unpack all the boxes and sort your inventory. If you are already a client of ours you know our inventory tips and tricks. It takes a few minutes to empty boxes, sort inventory and file packing slips. You’ll be ready for year end long before anyone asks you if you have plans for New Year’s Eve.

Pick one task from this list, or do them all this week! You’ll be a back office boss in no time at all. If this list of action plans makes your head spin, use that 5 minutes to contact us to help you figure out where to start. Great bosses know when to delegate tasks.