What marks the end of summer for your household?  Is it a Labor Day cookout or a family vacation?  Perhaps it’s the beginning of the school year as it is for me.  We still have a couple of weeks left, but summer is winding down.  Whether you have kiddos or not, summer can often mean a slower business routine and a busy calendar filled with fun instead of work.  And if you’re like me, it also means all that plus a little extra chaos induced by wee ones hanging around.  While we’re trying to pack in a few last-minute summer activities, I do find myself anticipating my growing “back-to-business” to-do list for when the kids begin that first bus ride of the school year.  (By the way, this half of BF Bookkeeping has NOT finished her kids’ school supply shopping like Stacy did last week.  So, if you haven’t finished either, rest assured you are not alone.)

Want to know what’s on my back-to-business task list?  Oddly enough, my top priorities are not business related, but I’ve learned they do make me much more productive in my business.

  • Clean my house! No joke.  After a full summer balancing work and kiddos at home, my house needs some TLC.  Cleaning my home has always felt therapeutic.  The sparkling surfaces quiet my mind.  Clearing the summer accumulation of physical clutter makes room in my brain for more productive thinking and planning.
  • Self-Care! Although cleaning is a form of self-care for me (Hey!  Pick your jaw up off your desk! I know I’m the exception here.), a pedicure or massage may be in my future.  Or perhaps a walk by the lake.  I haven’t decided exactly what the self-care will be, but it’s imperative for entering our busy season with a feeling of renewed energy.
  • Reflect and Set goals! What worked well for me this summer?  What did NOT work well for me when my kids were underfoot and I was still trying to grow in business these last few months?  What do I want for our business as the leaves turn colors?

Now it’s your turn.  We want to know…What is on your back-to-business to-do list?  Do you jump right in or do you ease in slowly?  Whether your back-to-business season is during back-to-school or it’s after a well-deserved break at the holidays, how do you refocus?