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Stacy is a CPA and direct seller who loves to help people simplify so they can spend more time on the fun stuff.
  • Photo of tree trunk with spring flowers growing in the grass and the sun filtering through the trees in the background.

A Breath of Fresh Ideas

Spring has a way of motivating us. Spring cleaning. Spring home projects. The warmer weather calls us outside; and the light breeze coaxes us to open windows that have been shut tight all winter. I love that breath of fresh air that rushes through the house and clears out all the remaining stuffiness. It leaves [...]

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  • The big Tax Day, the 15th, is circled on a white calendar with a red marker.

Tax Time Promises to Ourselves

We laugh, we cry, we cuss. And then we make promises to ourselves to do better next year. As we countdown to the April 15th tax filing deadline, some people are glad the task is done, and some are wondering if they will manage to file on time or need to request an extension. Returns [...]

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  • Black and white photo of an old time alarm clock with the quote "You'll never find time unless you make time."

Make Time to Save Time

Spring break, spring cleaning and tax preparation. What do they all have in common? It’s what most of my contacts on social media are currently doing, thinking or stressing about. Ah, spring! We seem to both love you and dislike you at the same time. And speaking of time, every small business owner is trying [...]

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Simpler Inventory Tracking? Yes, Please!

Who loves to keep their biz bookkeeping super simple? If you raised your hand, keep reading! We have some EXCITING news about simplifying your inventory tracking that you are going to want to hear! At BF Bookkeeping we like to keep things super simple when it comes to tracking our business finances; and [...]

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  • Fireworks and gold letter spelling out "happy new year".

Happy New Year!

Whoa! Do you feel like 2018 flew by too? Maybe it’s the rush of the holidays that makes me feel like the new year sneaks up on me every time. And maybe its those days after Christmas when my family is home on winter break where I forget what day it is and what I [...]

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  • Picture of a jack-o-lantern on a bale of hay lightly dusted with snow. Does this mean year-end is near?

Year-End in the Forecast

It snowed on Saturday in Wisconsin. Yes, in October. And then on Sunday the sun was so bright it was blinding. Nothing out of the ordinary for us in WI, but the little neighbor kids were asking if Santa was coming soon. Say what?!? I hope not! I need time sneak the chocolate from my [...]

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