Hey all you savvy business owners! Year end celebrations are almost here! We know, it may not even feel like fall yet…it has been HOT here in Wisconsin…but winter will sneak up on us before we know it. The year will be over and you know what happens then. Tax time!

You know it, small business owners everywhere will be pulling out that box of invoices and receipts and shipping it off to their tax preparer.  Did you know that your bookkeeper and your tax preparer should ideally be different people?  It’s smart business to have more than one set of eyes look at your financial records each year. What if your business can’t afford a bookkeeper and a tax preparer? You aren’t alone.  Most small businesses struggle with that same question.

We can help you be your own bookkeeper. You’ll be on track to have your business ready for tax time; even if you haven’t thought about tax time yet! Join us in early October for our Tell Me What online webinar. Keep watch on our blog for more details about upcoming dates and times, or better yet subscribe at the top of the page and have new posts delivered right to your inbox. Now you’re savvy and efficient! See you on a webinar soon.