Spring has a way of motivating us. Spring cleaning. Spring home projects. The warmer weather calls us outside; and the light breeze coaxes us to open windows that have been shut tight all winter. I love that breath of fresh air that rushes through the house and clears out all the remaining stuffiness. It leaves behind clean and fresh spaces that feel open to new and fresh ideas.

Much like we create clean spaces in our homes, we also benefit from creating clean, open spaces in our minds. This month marks one year since Meghan and I first learned about the benefits of a Purposeful Pause while on a weekend yoga retreat. Making time to quiet our body and our mind leaves space for fresh ideas. Making time for quiet leaves space to answer the question “What’s next?”.

Now that we have wrapped up our busy season, it’s time for us here at BFB to implement our own Purposeful Pause to answer the question “What’s next?”. Our blog will be quiet for a bit while we create space for fresh ideas and reflect on the possibilities that the future holds. We’re not disappearing though! If you are looking to make good on a couple of your tax time promises to yourself, we are still here to help. A simplified bookkeeping system is a short contact form away. We can’t wait to hear from you!