• Halloween Candy

🎶 A Spoonful of Sugar… 🎶

Who is already getting their fill of sugar and sweets even though it's not October 31st yet?  Me! 🙋After a weekend full of stuffing my face with Halloween candy, I've got sugar on the brain.  Well, to be perfectly honest, the pile of candy wrappers next to me is growing as I write this.  It's [...]

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  • Picture of a jack-o-lantern on a bale of hay lightly dusted with snow. Does this mean year-end is near?

Year-End in the Forecast

It snowed on Saturday in Wisconsin. Yes, in October. And then on Sunday the sun was so bright it was blinding. Nothing out of the ordinary for us in WI, but the little neighbor kids were asking if Santa was coming soon. Say what?!? I hope not! I need time sneak the chocolate from my [...]

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  • Blue file cabinet with yellow and red file folders ready for cleaning up piles of paper.

Spring Cleaning this Fall

What do you do when you find yourself waiting for your computer; and you can’t move forward because the wheel is spinning, but you can’t walk away either? Recently, I found myself stuck at my computer doing exactly this. Waiting. And waiting some more! We all know fall is here, but I squeezed in a [...]

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