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Anyone want to geek out accounting-style with me for a minute?!  I'm going to go full geek, so please prepare yourself.  Let's talk about how accounting likes to be matchy-matchy.  One of the tenants of generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) is that a business' expenses should be reported in the same period as the related revenues.  [...]

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To Do: Take a Vacation

We know small business owners are hard-working individuals who are hustling to build something for themselves and their families. Working as your own boss has rewards, but there are plenty of sacrifices made on the road to success. We know how hard you work. And we think you deserve a vacation. We know we do! [...]

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⚾Take Me Out to the Ball Game! ⚾

Softball & Baseball.  This is pretty much my life so far this summer.  So much so that I forgot it was my turn to post on our blog yesterday!  Oops! See? Even super cool, funny accountants are human and make mistakes, too.  Between the excitement from our video last week (if you missed it, watch [...]

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