• Owners Meghan Fessler and Stacy Bradley face their fear with a spooky witch.

Scaredy-Cats Face Their Fear

When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs because you were so surprised or extremely scared?  I’m talking screamed-so-much-your-throat-hurts type screaming.  For me, it was a little over a week ago.  On our working retreat, Stacy and I snuck away for a brain break and sought out some spooky fun.  [...]

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  • Photo of BF Bookkeeping business owners, Stacy Bradley and Meghan Fessler, sitting with their feet up on a working retreat and toasting to a completed to-do list.

A Toast to Getting Sh!t Done

Cheers! Prost! Sláinte! Any which way you say it, we are celebrating after a long weekend of wonderfulness. A weekend working retreat full of fun, a whole lot of work time and maybe a few drinks. It feels fantastic to get sh!t done. “Have you thought about scheduling a working retreat to do all of [...]

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Jumping On the Video Bandwagon

What can you learn in a short 5 minute video?  For one, you can learn exactly what BF Bookkeeping is all about.  Fun.  Crazy.  Silly.  Oh, wait.  You probably want to know about the bookkeeping part of it.  Our "Who is BF Bookkeeping" video is the perfect way to learn about that part - who [...]

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  • Professional Headshot of Amanda DeSonia, Senior Vice President with Norwex

We Are Blushing, Again

We are feeling the love again this week.  Kind and thoughtful words from another brilliant leader who is speaking our love language. She took the time to let us know how we've impacted her business and we are blushing. Witty. Smart. Real. Three words that describe the author of our featured love note this week. She's built a wildly successful business [...]

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  • Professional Headshot of Kimberly Warner, Senior Vice President with Norwex

Now You’ve Gone and Made Us Blush…

Y'all know about Love Languages?!  If you don't, take a peek here.  Here at BF Bookkeeping, one love language Stacy and I have in common is "acts of service".  It means that we feel appreciated and cared for when a person takes time out of their day to devote a moment or two to do [...]

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