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You’re Invited to the Year End Pre-Party

Ever dream of being completely organized and prepared for that moment when your accountant calls to ask for your year end reports!? Our online webinar will help your dreams come true! Learn the information you need for keeping simple, accurate bookkeeping records for your home-based business.  Kick tax time stress to the curb and join [...]

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All Dressed Up and Ready for Tax Time?

Hey all you savvy business owners! Year end celebrations are almost here! We know, it may not even feel like fall yet…it has been HOT here in Wisconsin…but winter will sneak up on us before we know it. The year will be over and you know what happens then. Tax time! You know it, small [...]

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Solutions Hiding In Plain Sight

Do you ever have those moments, when presented with a challenge, that you cannot see the solution?  But then along comes someone unrelated to the problem and they offer a brilliant solution that is mind-bogglingly (and yes, we're pretending that's a word) simple?  That happened to me ALL day today.  Solutions were hiding in plain [...]

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Labor Day Minus the Labor

On this beautiful Monday, us gals at BF Bookkeeping hope you are celebrating the American Labor Movement in some relaxing way.  Relaxation is subjective.  For me, it often means hiking to a spot in nature where I'm surrounded by beautiful colors, fresh air, and perhaps a little quiet.  Other times, it is laughing uproariously with family and [...]

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