From the Mouths of Babes

Kids say the funniest things.  And other times, they infuse inspiration.  The latter is what happened in preparation for today's post.  I asked my 10 year old what he might want to know about a person before hiring her (or him) as his accountant.  Kind of a silly question for a 10 year old, right?   [...]

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Think Outside the Office

Summer is here! That may have some of you rejoicing…and leave some of you groaning a bit. We get it.  School is out and in its place come summer camps and activities. All designed to keep our kiddos busy and learning while us parents juggle the carpool schedule along with work schedules, host coaching and [...]

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What does summer mean for your party calendar?  Is it jam packed or full of cancellations?  Rumor has it, summer can be a challenging season to keep a consistently full calendar.  If you've tried everything you can to get (and keep) those parties on your books (theme parties, incentives, and gifts, oh my!) and still [...]

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Please join us in cheering for the winners of our latest contest!  We are overwhelmed and humbled by your support.  Thank you for playing along and sharing our website! Winners have been notified.  Wishing you all a FUN weekend!

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  • BF Bookkeeping Owners Meghan and Stacy talking on tin-can-and-string phones

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Who loves being silly and playing games?  We do! Over the past 2 years, we've teamed up with a lot of savvy small business owners to help them find their bookkeeping bliss and the feedback we've heard is they all love the simplicity of what we offer! Remember that post from a few weeks ago? You know, the [...]

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