Our Favorite Things – Milebug

Clients often ask how we personally track our businesses. This season, we're sharing a few of our favorite things. The first is a mileage tracking app that keeps this expense category super simple to manage. Milebug** is able to track mileage for multiple businesses and vehicles and allows for memorizing commonly used trips. Available wherever [...]

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The Shopping Season

Nearly 20% percent of all retail sales for any given year occur during the holiday season from October through December. That compacts a lot of the year's work into a few fleeting months. For many of you, that means this is the busiest time of year in your business! Remember to stay diligent in your [...]

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How Can We Help?

We find joy in helping you find more time for the fun part of your business. We're happy when you are happy spending less time on the bookkeeping for your business. One way we can help is by giving you the knowledge and tools to make it easy. Here is what one happy client says [...]

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