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Webinar – October 2016

Ever dream of being completely organized and prepared for that moment when your accountant calls to ask for your year end reports!? Our webinar will help your dreams come true! Learn the information you need for keeping simple bookkeeping records for your home-based business. Join us for our webinar on November 14th at 8pm CDT. [...]

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Anyone Up for a (Tax Liability) Surprise?

Who loves surprises?! We do! Well, usually. When it comes to tax liability though, no one wants to be caught off guard. In most direct selling or network marketing companies, you are an independent consultant and will file a Schedule C along with your personal income tax return. You will be liable for Self Employment [...]

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Gain Back Quality Time

Part-time hours and flexibility are enticing reasons why many people begin direct sales businesses. In fact, 70% of current direct sellers dedicate 15 or less hours each week to their business. And 41% of direct sellers report their direct sales income is in addition to income received from other employment. What does this mean? It [...]

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