Get Out Of Your (Home) Office

Want to be productive in your business this week? Get out of your office! Yes, you read that right. Pack up the most important task you need to accomplish and head over to your local coffee shop. We suggest you take that envelope of invoices and receipts in order to catch up on your business's [...]

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Communication Station

What is one of the most important skills of an entrepreneur? Communication. When it's not executed effectively, it can make a thriving business turn in to a sinking ship, fast! It may seem simple, but these key tips can improve communication with clients and they will feel feel valued. And a happy customer is your [...]

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Tax Myths & Truths

Tax Myth: My accountant handles that tax stuff. Truth: Your accountant’s ability to create your tax return is only as good as your business records. Messy records could mean inadequate reporting; or a big cost to you as your accountant takes the time to recreate your financial records for the past year. We can help [...]

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You Deserve a Day Off

As business owners it can be difficult to turn off our brains to take a day of rest and rejuvenation. Today, however, we managed to accomplish that goal. We sincerely hope that on this holiday there was no labor in your day as well!

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