Procrastination At It’s Best

Procrastination. It’s the WORST. But, we’ve all done it. We’ve all been frustrated by it. And it should come as no surprise that procrastination and filing taxes go hand-in-hand. When we ran across this tidbit from a survey, it made us chuckle: 35% of those surveyed would rather have The Talk (you know, the one [...]

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Know Your Freebies

Direct sellers potentially receive a lot of free products from their company. Love those freebies!!! Using them in your business as host and customer incentives is a smart business move. Depending on your company’s guidelines, you may also be able to sell those products. Be aware if your freebies are reported as income on your [...]

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Master Your Minutes: Delegate!

As a small business owner you wear a lot of hats. Marketing, purchasing, customer service, accounting - just to name a few! Define your strengths and delegate the rest. Hire your kids or hire an assistant, but don't be afraid to ask for help. You'll have more time to do what you do best and [...]

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Back To School Routines

"Back to school" for many of us who work from home is a phrase that brings a sigh of relief. School age kids at home for the summer can throw our regular work routines right out the window. Bittersweet, right? Choose the most important routines in your business and work diligently to keep those in [...]

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Feel The (Spreadsheet) Love

Not everyone shares our love of spreadsheets. What?! It's true. Are you apprehensive about converting your hand-written books to a spreadsheet? We can help make the transition smooth and stress free with out Start Up Toolkit. We recently helped one client make the transition and this is what she had to say: "Thank you sooooo [...]

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