Softball & Baseball.  This is pretty much my life so far this summer.  So much so that I forgot it was my turn to post on our blog yesterday!  Oops! See? Even super cool, funny accountants are human and make mistakes, too.  Between the excitement from our video last week (if you missed it, watch it here!!) and nights full of ball games and practice, it was bound to happen.  You could even say, the pop-up fly ball was hit right to me and I dropped it.

At BF Bookkeeping, we thrive on keeping things simple.  We talk about it.  We write about it.  We created our business model based on it, for crying out loud!  We stick closely to this idea in our businesses; it’s paramount for efficiency.  Somehow, in the midst of trying to stay “productive” before my kids’ school let out, I lost sight of that idea here at home.  I was trying to pack too many things in at one time AND still stay on top of business duties.  As a girlboss, momboss, or whichever own-your-own-business kind of boss you are, our personal lives and business tracks often overlap and intertwine.  It’s difficult to separate the two as our homes are often our offices, amiright??  Trying to keep things simple in business while chaos ensues at home, usually means chaos everywhere.  And vice versa.  Upon reflecting on why I struck-out and forgot about the post yesterday, I realized that I need to get back to basics.  Cut out the activities that don’t align with my priorities.  Practice saying no more often. Remember one of the many benefits of owning my own business is that I’m the boss of my schedule!

As a momboss, I purposely slow things down during the summer months so I can stick to keeping it simple when my kids are home.  I *usually* set up daily routines that help me stay on track without getting too far behind when Autumn arrives.  Dropped that ball in my summer prep! No daily routines set YET! As I work on that and get back to simplicity, what will you do to simplify so you’re ready when the line-drive that comes flying at you from the batter’s box?

**If you’re looking for ideas, Stacy and I wholeheartedly believe delegating your bookkeeping or learning how to “declutter” your bookkeeping system is one of the best ways to simplify.  When you decide it’s time, give us a call. 😉