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We coach direct sellers and small business owners to find their bookkeeping Zen.  Working smarter often means simplifying processes.  That’s where we come in.  We provide streamlined tools to get you on the right path to accounting bliss, so that at the end of the year you’ll have clean, tax-ready financials.  More importantly, you’ll have your sanity, too.

Individual Coaching.


You want to be sure you are ready for tax time, but more importantly, you want to focus on parties, not paperwork.  As CPAs and direct sellers ourselves, we’ve done the research and created formulas to help make the accounting easy… so you have more time to focus on fun and successful parties!

Need to know where to start?  Online webinars walk you through WHAT to track with regard to your business finances.  Income, expenses, inventory and more – we’ll put you on the right path to easy bookkeeping practices.  Join us live for training and Q&A.  Complete notes and limited availability recording provided after the webinar.  $30

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Want the WHAT and the HOW?  This package walks you through everything you need to track your business finances, plus it gives you a system of spreadsheets to organize it all.  Also included is a 30-minute one-on-one phone call with your very own bookkeeping coach.  Get all your questions answered to get started with confidence.  $65

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Team Coaching.


Get a ton of tax related questions from your team?  You want to help them as much as possible, but you are a busy leader.  Create more time to lead by letting us provide the bookkeeping guidance your team craves.

Inventory tracking have you feeling frazzled?  We bet your team feels the same way.  In this 20-minute training we’ll help you and your team make sense of inventory.  We’ll also share best practices to keep your inventory accurate, organized and working for your business…the way it should.  Whether we attend in person or online, the cost of this training is on us.


Does your team want more than just inventory information?  If they are nodding their heads yes, then a private team webinar is the answer.  In this 45-minute training we’ll cover income, expense and inventory information.  Plus, we’ll share our simple tips for keeping this information organized and up-to-date throughout the year.  Complete notes and limited availability recording provided after the webinar.  Choose from our two webinar options to fit your team.

  • 10-20 attendees – $25/person
  • 20+ attendees – $20/person
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Our Story.


Stacy and Meghan find great satisfaction simplifying business processes so clients can worry less and live more.

A simple lunch interview sealed their fate.  Co-workers first.  Fast friends soon after.  Years of working together taught Stacy and Meghan many things, but the most important was that the two make a great team in almost anything they set out to do.  As direct sellers and CPAs, they became frustrated by the misinformation available to network marketers about bookkeeping and taxes.  Not only that, they started to see consultants leave direct sales because the consultants felt overwhelmed by the accounting implications of owning a small business.  Driven by the desire to help fellow entrepreneurs, they set out to create a simplified system that fulfilled regulatory requirements and created efficiency for small business owners.  Stacy and Meghan’s combined experience in network marketing and accounting makes for unparalleled insight into bookkeeping for home-based business owners.  Today, BF Bookkeeping has coached hundreds of business owners in finding their bookkeeping Zen so they can focus on fun, successful parties instead of paperwork.  These ladies’ vibrant personalities bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the sometimes stuffy accounting industry.  Their coaching and trainings will provide you with the information you need to be organized for tax-time, and have fun in the process!



Stacy loves to plan.  Her skill set shines in the details as she makes sure nothing is forgotten.  While she is relatively new to the direct selling world – helping to create safe havens – she brings over a decade (closer to two, but who’s counting?) of accounting and auditing expertise to the bookkeeping team.  That’s a whole lot of bean counting!  Stacy is also mom of 2 fun kiddos and wife to her amazingly helpful hubby.  She enjoys camping with her family, house projects with the hubs and hanging with her BF, Meghan.  Stacy finds her Zen in lazy mornings with a cup of coffee in hand.



Even as a kid, Meghan loved organizing.  When her parents went inside to pay at gas stations (yes, it was before swiping at the pump), she remembers going with them to straighten the gum packages on the sales racks.  Counting beans as an accountant for more than 15 years continues her early work in organizing.   She is a process improvement master, only now she straightens debits and credits instead of packs of gum!  She also has more than a decade of experience in the direct selling industry and brings some serious insight to the bookkeeping team.  Meghan loves spending precious moments with her husband and two young kiddos.  She also enjoys running a fun business with her BF, Stacy.  Meghan finds her Zen relaxing in nature.



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Fear of the Unknown

Halloween is right around the corner. Costume prep and candy purchases are in full swing at my house. In keeping with the spooky shenanigans going on this month, let’s talk a little bit about what scares us. For some, it’s spiders that give them the chills.  Others may fear public speaking, or maybe your business bookkeeping freaks you out! For me, it’s having to sleep in a strange space that turns me into a bit of scaredy cat. I traveled a lot when I was working as an auditor with a public accounting firm, which meant a lot of overnight stays in hotels. Alone. Fear had me checking the closet and under the bed before I turned the deadbolt lock for the night. Fast forward a decade and a half and I rarely travel alone now. Ok, I never travel alone. I have kids. But on the occasion that I can sneak in a girls’ trip, I do sometimes get a room to myself. It is bliss. And yes, I still check the closet and under the bed. My fear escalated a bit as we walked through that “cute” Airbnb that we stayed at for our working retreat. It WAS cute. And old. Complete with a creepy basement, locked doors and an off-limits garage. Meghan giggled as I checked all the closets and under the beds. Now, the rational part of my brain knows that of course there would be rooms in a house that a host wouldn’t want guests to have access to. Makes perfect sense. But my over-active imagination was having a hard time with the fact that I would have to attempt to sleep in the bedroom with the door to who-knows-what that was locked. After a couple of drinks with old friends and a few shared ghost stories, Meghan was spooked too! Strange houses haven’t been the only thing causing me a bit of fear lately. The exciting changes we are working on here at BF Bookkeeping also has us filing some official forms; which caused me a bit of worry over filling them out correctly. The rational part of my brain knows that I was likely checking the right boxes, but my over-active imagination had me afraid of making a mistake. I did what any girl would do…I called my BF. Which worked out perfectly since she also happens to be my business partner. The right person to help me decide which boxes to check, even if we had to correct them in the future. It’s nice to have a friend to help talk you through decisions every now and then. Maybe you or your team members are freaking out over how to track the income and expenses for your business. Don’t fear the numbers! Give us a call. We’ll be your bookkeeping BF and talk you through those decisions.

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BF Bookkeeping Owners Meghan and Stacy sitting next to each other smiling

review1“Stacy and Meghan are two amazing and dependable ladies. Their loyalty to their personal businesses and our team has continued to blow me away, year after year. They are seasoned experts not only in direct sales, but as professional CPA’s as well. Their smiles and positivity lead their purpose and lives. Additionally, they are detail oriented and highly professional. My experience with BF Bookkeeping has been nothing but perfect. I have recommended their services to my entire organization and I would recommend them to anyone in the small business sector.”  -KIMBERLY W, NORWEX

review2“I could not recommend BF Bookkeeping enough! Attending their tips seminar helped me with my decision to become a fashion consultant with LuLaRoe. Prior to attending I was overwhelmed and unsure, but they made me feel very comfortable with what I would need to do to run my business! Thanks, ladies!”  -KARA B, LULAROE

review3“Stacy and Meghan have helped streamline my bookkeeping processes and completely changed how I track my business finances. They provided the insight and tools necessary to make bookkeeping simple and easy to maintain. No more worrying about the accuracy of what I’m recording, falling behind or stressing about what to give my accountant at tax time! I can’t thank BF Bookkeeping enough and would highly recommend them to anyone in direct sales. You won’t regret it!”  -BRIANA L, NORWEX

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